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Investors are becoming increasingly aware of their decisions in terms of their social and environmental impacts. /Preserve was set up to provide a technological asset base that defines a projects impact in those fields, allowing investors to make informed and ethical investment decisions. It is a joint venture that grew out of a Deutsche Bank initiative and we were tasked with helping them to establish the initial look and feel. This included the visual identity, logo and marketing materials, wireframes and demo site.

After the pilot, the project was set up as a new company called IMP+ACT Alliance and we are now helping with their design, digital and video needs.




Working closely with the passionate CEO and founder we developed a visual identity and language that struck a balance between global finance and ethical interests. The initial work was used to help the initiative generate seed funding and build momentum within the financial service community.

We developed wire frames, a clickable demo and templates to be used when communicating with investors. Styles were created for all aspects of the project, including infographics and interactive data display.